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Owner:   Jake Cowart

Year:  1969

How long have you owned the car? 6 years

Chassis Mods:  Caged front to back with 1.5" DOM with chromoly gussets. Still retains stock pan and body

    Motor and Transmission: 2.4 Mazda KL V6 with TransWest built 091

    Front Suspension: Jimco designed and fabricated center mount A-arms and uprights off of Chick Hoveys OG single seat Class 1 Jimco race car utilizing 12" coilovers and 14" smooth body shocks. 

    Steering: Fortin Racing power rack and servo, UMP high pressure TC Pump. 

    Cockpit: PRP seats and belts, AutoMeters Gauges, Race Radio and Intercom, iPad mini for LeadNav GPS, MoMo Wheel, JAMAR shifter and pedals 

    Other Highlights: Fox Shocks all the way around, custom 20 gal fuel cell, and luggage rack to store tools/ gear etc. for longer adventures. Custom radiator mount and light wing cut back to make the cab still have all its glass and sealed up. 

    What Jake loves most about the car: "The smile it puts on my face every time I open the garage."